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UCLA '14 B.S. Aerospace Engineering
Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences

Hi. I'm Chester.

I'm an aerospace engineer who makes websites.

My stack goes from XFOIL to Angular. It's weird.

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I was employed at the UCLA Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing continuously for nearly two and a half years during my college career.

I started by finishing up migrating to a new web design, and ended by designing this refreshed look (static demo).

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On this stack…
Backend: PHP with Smarty, MySQL, FileMaker
Javascript: vanilla, jQuery
Coolest Feature: single downloads repo
CIS Summer Programme

My high school decided to contract me as a freelancer to take their summer school program to a whole new level (static demo). I developed everything from the database structure to the front-endiest of HTML animations.

Bragging Rights: Last summer was the programme's most profitable. We did this with voodoo marketing code that recorded interest based on page views and mouse movements.

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What I made…
Everything! From course applications to student enrollment to daily roll taking and emergency lists!
Back-end: MySQL, Nginx, PHP/HHVM
Front-End: Angular.js, jQuery

The aerospace student's club (AIAA at UCLA) asked me to redesign an old, static website. It's gone a long way—still static, but with a much more modern, clean look! This website was also designed with a number of restrictions: no dynamic content, Javascript email anti-spam protection, and plenty of API integration: Facebook, Google Calendar, Mailchimp… (you get the idea)

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About this design…
Code: JavaScript, Advanced CSS (transitions, rgba), Social APIs
Design: Prototyped with Sketch, then pure HTML/CSS

I hope you enjoyed that.

I've started a blog to document my adventures. Take a look!

So what's the takeaway?

I make friendly, lightweight, super-fast websites, full-stack or just front-end.

Business in the Front-end
HTML • CSS • Javascript • jQuery/JUI • react.js • Backbone.js

Party in the Back-end
PHP (CakePHP, Smarty, Symfony + HHVM) …and now Hack • nginx • MySQL
APC • Apache • IIS • Python